Illinois WWII Classroom Project

The Illinois WWII Classroom Project represents a partnership started in 2007 between the Illinois WWII Memorial Board (http://ww2il.com/) and the Area V Learning Technology Center, as well as state and district partners throughout the state.  (Illinois State Board of Education, Illinois State Library, Illinois Central Management Services, Learning Technology Centers, Universities, local school districts and communities.)



The three main goals of the Illinois WWII Classroom Project are:

1. To provide students the opportunity, training and equipment to do personal interviews and captured WWII Veteran and WWII Home Front experiences organized around an inquiry-based, digital-story telling learning experiences.

2. To provide students with authentic connections which foster a deeper understanding and knowledge of the overall purpose and sacrifices made by the "Greatest Generation", their families and their communities during the course of World War II. (1939-1945)

3.  To digitally preserve the personal stories of the remaining  Illinois WWII veterans and persons who served and sacrificed during this period and to also submit these stories to the U.S. Library of Congress's Veterans  History Project at http://www.loc.gov/vets/about.html

The combination of inquiry and digital storytelling of Illinois WWII era experiences are introducing students and their instructors to new avenues of study. In addition, they are acquiring a personal appreciation for the contributions and dedication of our "Greatest Generation" to the common cause of maintaining democracy and freedom worldwide.


Illinois Veteran's stories may be viewed by clicking the tabs above.


NEW:  Starting in Fall 2011, this project expanded with the capability to include personal stories from Illinois Korean, Vietnam, Gulf War and other Veterans provided by Illinois K-12 Students.  Please visit our partner site, the Illinois Veteran's Project for these stories or information on how to submit interviews.

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Support the Project

Contributions to the Illinois WWII Memorial Board to further support this project can be made by purchasing a memorial brick for an Illinois WWII Veteran or through a cash donation. Donation information can be found at http://ww2il.com/.


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